COVID-19 in South Dakota

What can Community Leaders do?

Support your community
  • Encourage people to stay home to reduce exposure
  • Eliminate gatherings of 10 or more when separation of at least 6 feet is not possible
  • Have hand hygiene supplies readily available in city-owned buildings
  • Encourage families to enjoy the outdoors (while practicing social distancing)
  • Support schools in efforts to provide meals to children in need
  • Assist essential workforce (e.g., healthcare, first responders, grocery store, etc.) with child care needs
Support your businesses
  • Work with businesses to offer alternative service delivery models to meet customer needs (i.e., takeout/delivery services)
  • Encourage businesses to allow employees to telework if possible or use alternative work schedules to allow social distancing.
  • Work with businesses to reduce or modify gatherings of 10 or more when separation of at least 6 feet is not possible
  • Work with businesses to implement daily health checks and screening of employees when entering the workplace
  • Consider modification or suspension of daily business in the interest of public safety
Speak the facts
  • Use accurate information from reputable sources to inform decisions – quelling rumors and fear
  • Partner with local media outlets (e.g., newspaper, radio, TV) to update the community on COVID-19 and resources available
  • Speak out against rumors and stigma associated with COVID-19, whether it's related to a certain population group or against individuals who have COVID-19

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Disclaimer: This information is intended to illustrate the Governor's Executive Order 2020-07 issued on 3-23-2020 (available here)