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FAQs About the Care19 Diary App


Q: What is the Care19 Diary app?

A: Care19 Diary is a location logging app for your mobile device that serves as a tool to speed up the disease investigation process should you test positive for COVID-19. The app helps users log and categorize locations they have visited for at least 10 minutes.

One of the most effective tools we have in our battle against COVID-19 is the ability to isolate people who have contracted the virus and notify others they came into contact with so that they can quarantine. The more effective the Department of Health can be at identifying people who have been exposed to COVID-19, the easier it will be to reduce the spread of the virus.


Q: How is contact tracing performed without Care19 Diary and how does the app change that?

A: Typically, our disease investigators rely on what the positive individuals remember about the places and times they visit. The app helps the positive individual provide us with a more accurate picture of places the positive may have visited while able to transmit the virus.


Q: Will my personal information be shared?

A: No. Your information is 100% anonymous and will be used in an aggregated form. In the event you test positive for the virus, you can consent to make your location data available at your discretion to the South Dakota Department of Health. To view the Care19 Diary privacy policy click here.


Q: Is my data safe?

A: Yes. This is a voluntary “opt in” opportunity. All users will remain completely anonymous the entire time. App users are assigned a unique Care19 Diary ID number upon startup of the app. There is no name, contact information, or credit card associated with your unique Care19 Diary ID number. Care19 Diary logs your location while protecting your data. Users can opt out at any time.

If an individual tests positive, it is only at that time that Department of Health staff will ask if they are using the app and if they will consent to provide their location history to help with contact tracing.


Q: How will my data make a difference?

A: The information will be used by the Department of Health to gather data of recent locations of each person who has tested positive for COVID-19 and voluntarily released their app data to the Department. The data will be used to help the disease investigators remind the app users who have tested positive of where they have been recently.


Q: If I change my mind, can I uninstall Care19 Diary and delete all data that it collected?

A: Yes, this application works like any other application and may be deleted at any time from your device. In addition, you have the ability through the “About Screen” in the application to delete all data that has been collected from your use of the application as well as see the data that has been collected. This application adheres to all rules outlined in the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Q: Why does it say ‘State of North Dakota’ in the app store?

A: The app was originally developed for the North Dakota Department of Health. South Dakota was the second state to utilize the app services.